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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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police investigation start on january 29. when manziel ex-girlfriend told police he tkprabed and grabbed and hit her. rupturing an eardrum. a judge granted her a restraining order. grand jury settings the district attorney office sprepbts office collected. the jury decides if there's enough to warrant charges. manziel faces what's called a class a misdemeanor. in texas. which means if he is found guilty, he faces up to a year in jail. and or a 4 thousand dollar fine. one texas lawyer telling us tonight. that police normally decide this sort of misdemeanor case he thinks manziel is getting the benefit of the doubt. browns vice president says, the browns have done enough talking about johnny manziel. new coach hue jackson said that the browns are ready to move on. and certain behavior will not be tolerated. the browns will come out of the draft with a quarter back.
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at the beginning of the season. which begins march 9. >> we'll follow it. >> a frightening day for students and parents in lorain. after a man assaulted tried to grab 3 girls walking to school. >> police are trying to figure out if the same man tried to abduct a girl from her bedroom. >> tonight the school district and this entire city they're on high high alert. >> . it's put fear in you. to send the kids to school. >> parents are on edge. after 3 different girls and 3 separate incidents were inappropriately approached. grabbed or assaulted. by a man. while walking to school thursday morning. they describe him. white.
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five foot ten. wearing dark clothing. and possibly a mask. >> -lt first incident happened just after six o'clock. a.m. near the corner of washington and west ninth. >> approaches juvenile. grabbed her from behind. the juvenile tried to get away. he punched her twice in the face. made a thretdening comment to her. fortunately the juvenile was able to etc. escape. and flee. >> police believe a little more than an hour later the same man exposed himself to a second girl. a few blocks away. near over land and west eighth. less than 30 minutes after that. a third incident. where a man fitting the same description grabbed a girl in the area of west 18 and oak dale. near a school. schools went on lock down for the day.
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>> around 3:45 thursday morning. a man. with a similar description. tried to abduct a ten year-old girl. from her bedroom. >> i had no idea. who would do this to a child. >> the girls father told police his daughter ran into his bedroom. screaming. >> hope they catch him. >> that father says he noticed after he went outside someone had removed a step ladder. from his work vehicle. and placed it underneath his daughters window. now we're told that classes at
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all before and after school activities will go on. all of that under increased police presence. >> certainly terrifying. hopefully the person is caught soon. >> a tragic evening. a man strikes two bicyclists while making a left turn. killing both. tonight a jury in the case is spoken. >> charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. and one count of wanted disregard of public safety. today a jury found him not guilty. of all 3 counts. he argued that sun glare pr epbted him from seeing the cyclists last september. not only were billings and lamb bert killed in the collision. but 3 more were hurt. when their bikes ran into wolf's truck near the area. police say the cyclist were traveling at about 35 miles per hour.
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when it occurred. >> the crash led to a new round of discussions about sharing the road. today's verdict is leading to even more reminders. advocacy group bike cleveland released a statement. disagreeing with the verdict. it reads in part.
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after running over a pedestrian. and akron. he disappeared from a prison camp. two years later. authorities kaugts up with him. last may in florida. he was living off social security. under an alias. >> . new at ten. a kayaker rescued after capsizing in the rocky river. crews from several departments were called. about two o'clock this afternoon. kayaker had managed to climb out of the water. stuck about 15 feet under a ledge. rescuers managed to repel down to the man. get into a harness and help him walk to safety. he was treated and released at the scene. crews say he was dressed
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>> . he's right. he has supported the candidates promised to tighten border security. but ohio governor did speak in
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>> super tuesday. about half the delegates needed today secure the republican nomination. >> . closer to home. democratic presidential candidate sanders brought his campaign to northeast ohio. today. >> a senator sat down with us. following the pho rpbg rally. sanders hammered home his message. to help the middle class. he also stressed free college tuition. justice system reform and legal marijuana. sanders is hoping for a strong showing. against hilary clinton. on super tuesday. >> hundreds of folks here. flocking to downtown cleveland. all hoping to land a new job. a series of previews. candidates could get a better
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what kind of positions will be available. 3 hundred jobs will be up for grabs. everything from housekeeping to security. the hill ton of course will be the center of all the action. when the republican national convention comes to town. >> waorpler
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here's what it looks like. let's dive right in. this is from earlier. obviously. because this was a daylight shot. from how roof cam. the roof cam was getting hammered with some slushy snow. and there's the back edge. which phao ud through the area. very abruptly. between five and seven o'clock. but as we widen out the view. you can see the that we have some snow showers upstream. fairly light. but they will still be enough of an atmosphere. to keep the snow showers. at least no, ma'am mall. going. doesn't look like it will be a big affair. the general pot of cool air circulation. remains on top of us.
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we're at 28 degrees. and that appears to be a top hrar number. from down to mansfield. and the wind is still a bit in motion. we have windchill temperatures that are in the teens. look. 24 hour temperature change chart. all of the negative numbers are out to the east. which means. that we'll see a moderating. bluster. cold tonight. low of 20. a few snow showers. and variablely cloudy. with scattered flurries east early. 27. but then we turn the corner. this weekend. we'll go to normal on saturday. and above normal sunday.
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14 more maybe hurt.
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of crime scenes. the the attack seemed today target a business called excel industries. the gunman who was shot and killed was an employee there. >> sheriff department says the shooting is no link to terrorism. >> nevada governor says he doesn't want to be considered for the supreme court. republican says he notified the white house. and top ranking senators of his decision. he spoke out after being identified as a possible candidate to replace the late judge. he offered no reason. republicans say the seat should remain vacant. until the next president is in office. >> apple is asking a federal magistrate to vacate her order that it helped the fbi hack into
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the company says the feds are seeking dangerous power. through the court. apple says if it's forced to help it will open the door to many similar situations. the iphone in question is part of the an investigation into the california shootings. >> donald trump becomes a source of controversy. in an unlikely place. >> see how the candidates name was used as an insult at a high school basketball game.
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past five years. >> every day. never missed a day. no matter what the weather is. rain, snow. no matter. >> the tradition first started bus. but she goes to a different school now. >> i wasn't sure about her not building there. i had such a terrific bus driver i thought she. i'll go out there again. >> it's a good thing she didn't stop. because the kids say they love seeing her. grandmother. >> she just. she on holidays gives us can
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>> i cried. i was sho shocked. >> it was such a nice gesture. and she appreciates everyone being so kind. >> what's the plan moving forward. will you continue to do this. >> as long as i can. >> should a painter make more
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>> the salary for a new job posting has some people doing a double take. the i team investigates.
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clinic have performed -lt the nations first uterus trans-hrapbt. >> it will give the young woman a chance at pregnancy. >> absolutely incredible. the cleveland clannic began screening for candidates for the transplant late last year. and until then they really had to just watch and wait. they needed the perfect candidate. to match up with the perfect donor. well. they found them. after a revolutionary surgery. a woman who lacks a womb now has
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>> an obgyn and expert. in reproductiveive. is a member of the surgical team. and sat down with fox 8. before the surgery. >> to be able to give a woman that opportunity is really exciting.
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really h-r only chance to carry her own child. >> this will only be temporary. >> once the woman has given birth. the uterus will be removed. >> there's potential for this to be a huge game changer. that said. it's very new. >> that's the purpose of a other countries have tried womb transplants and sweden actually reported the first successful birth in 2014. in fact they have had a total of five healthy babies.
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>> incredible stuff. >> police try to figure out who fired several gunshots outside the fourth district station. they took the 16 year-old suspect into custody. he had a gunshot wound to the leg. police say it looks like he may have accidently shot himself. officers didn't find a gun or any shell casings. >> . two police officers recovering now. following a collision. with the stolen van. they were on the way to a call. when the dodge caravan pulled out in front of them. on arlington street. the vehicle had been reported stolen. driver took off. both officers suffering some minor injuries. >> nobody hurt here. a driver backed his car through a church. it happened this morning. at the blessed church in warren. the driver was having problems with the jaguar. it backed through the window. nobody hurt. >> . the i team is investigating a job opening with a the city of cleveland that comes with an eye opening salary.
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the hourly wage may shock you. >> pretty good job. become a painter for the city of we saw this job posting. the pay. 33 to 41 dollars an hour. tpwo two years experience. and the pay adds up to 69 to 86 thousand dollars a year. much more that than safety forces make. taxpayers react to the i team findings. >> way too much. >> it shouldn't be that high. that's not fair. >> why thatch money. for a painter. >> they are part of the building and construction trade counsel.
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>> when you consider what they get paid. the i team wondered what about firefighters rushing into burning buildings. or police. dodging bullets. or par paramedics saving lives out here on the streets. >> . basal reu for firefighters. and police officers. up to 55 thousand. emergency medical tech technician. up to 47. >> we shared our findings with counsel man.
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now the police union president tells us that painters deserve an honest days pay. for an honest days work. but. he says the shows the priorities of city leader ship. painters make much more than >> all right. pretty wild day for everybody. but not as bad as some people were expecting. that was all out west of us
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>> showing these clouds are un-productive. at least right now. but there are some more clouds. that are producing some lake effect snow. up here in michigan. here's the back edge. that came through. about five o'clock. you probably notice. went from nod rat snow. to partly cloudy skies. in about ten minutes time. these are snow showers coming in off lake michigan. relatively light. and looks like they'll begin to effect the northern shoreline. for the rest of to want. into tomorrow morning.
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in time. that high today. just after midnight. 35 degrees. 27 the low. that was in one hour ago. and we are trimming down the season. departure. we are going to go ramp it right back up. above 30. this weekend. with the lack of snow. bluster. cold tonight. local snow showers. computer models are insisting this will be fairly light. and you can see somehow sparse they are. and then tomorrow. we'll go for flurries east then variablely cloudy skies. by default. because no other storm center is taking its place. high pressure will try to nose in. and a little bit of dry air -rplt there's -ts chill we'll see the temperatures rise.
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every other day. we have a weak system. almost clipper like. nothing like we had this week. rain. and snow. things like that. >> a little bit of everything. >> hosting the all about the bag fashion show. earlier tonight. proceeds from the big event go to the. plenty of familiar faces.
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part of a wonderful benefit for the american heart association. so i want to say hi to all the nice people we met. >> good to see you working. >> i'm not drinking. watch this.
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not pwha you spectators chanting his name during a high school basketball game. the goal was to insult the opposing team.
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players -fplts trump of course drawn controversy for previous statements made about immigrants. the school targeted by those chants is responding. >> arizona family is back home. after they say their son's allergic reaction got them kicked off a plane. the family was on a flight from washington state to arizona. the flight got delayed when a 7 year-old had some kind of reaction. the family thinks it was in response to a dog on the plane. the flight attendant first moved them to the back. then had them kicked off the flight. at that point they say other
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>> i'm sorry. it was not my fault. somebody had a dog. and said i'm not getting off. so if he didn't. so we got booted off the plane. >> . passengers didn't know that his father has cancer. and they made the trip so he could see his family. allee gent has since apologized. >> a the 97 year-old woman is facing eviction from her home she lived in for 66 years. she claims her former landlady told her she could live in the home as long as she wanted to. but there was never anything in writing. the current owner is the grandson in law of the original landlord. he doesn't know anything about a guarantee. he's given her 60 days to move out. >> i don't know where i'm going to go. i don't. it keeps me awake at night.
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because his late wife left a trust for their sons. tkh is about to expire. he's duty bound to sell the property. >> . he made cleveland proud. in the early days of american idol. >> the show wraps up.
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>> what is life like for cleveland's own scott sable. >> mesh nobody thought that he would make it. he didn't have that idol look. but cleveland's own scott sable had other ideas. >> why are you here. >> to become the next american idol. >> scott didn't look the part. his voice told another story. >> quite a good voice. >> welcome to high hollywood. >> he looks back at his time. as a grind. he's grateful for the experience. all the performing.
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>> scott found his passion with idol. landing in the top five. so did others. season 4 produced stars like carry under wood. a lot has changed over the past decade. he works for a major tv. phone and internet company. and continues to sing with his
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>> this is what ten years almost eleven years later. people still recognize me. like it was yesterday. >> while being recognized is okay. he wants to pursue his dream. especially in the area of christian music. while stardom hasn't hit. he doesn't feel like he's failed. >> i had to suck up the idea that age doesn't matter. it's just when ever something happens. if it's something good comes out of it. then we'll make the best of it. i'm still alive. that's a plus.
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it's just that they don't usually sit in it. when they do. the nations first beer spa is
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in oregon. visitors soak tubs that contain a blend of beer. hops and barly. >> my pain went away. i slept great. >> beer spas bad news for those hopes to get tipsy off the tub. -lt owners say that you cannot get drunk from sitting in the beer. >> regarding that january 30 incident. a class a stkphaoeurpb misdemeanor case had been referred to it will be up to the grand jury to decide if manziel will be charged. texas law the max penalty is one year in jail.
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>> browns vp at the combine today. he was asked about the potential of josh gordon. being re-instated. >> . everything that we see in hear and talking to his representation. and those that have been in communication with him. is that he's eager to get back. and contribute.
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he admitted last season was a disappointment. to him. and didn't think playing in cleveland would be a distraction. he also said to not discount his ability to break down a defense. >> cleveland state won a contest tonight at home. they won by five. over northern kentucky. the cavaliers took iman to toronto. it's possible he will return to the court on friday night. the shoulder problem. >> meanwhile the nets. waiving veteran guard joe johnson. the cavs are targeting the 7
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>> sole enwins this one. 5 solen wins this one.
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